¡Hola! I´m Vanessa Nielsen Molina, your teacher.

I’m an entrepreneur, educator, and mamá to three little bilingual Mexican-Ecuadorian-American girls.

I’m from Chihuaha, México and consider myself más mexicana que el mole (although I currently live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and kids).
I’ve been interested in how language impacts our identity for years (that was the focus of my M.A. in Communications!). I worked for several years in jobs at the intersection of migration and communication—as an interpreter and then running Hispanic marketing & PR campaigns—before launching my own business.
You see, by then I had a daughter. And I didn’t have much experience as a mom, but one thing I knew for sure was that I’d do everything in my power to raise her bilingually. Which, it turns out, requires some work and lots of resources. As a new mom, my desperate search for consistently amazing Spanish children’s books to read at home led nowhere. So I decided to fix that! I left corporate America to launch Sol Book Box, the Spanish children’s book subscription service.
Four years later, I’ve sent phenomenal books in Spanish to hundreds of families all over the world. And I’ve also had many conversations with parents that WANT to raise bilingual kids, but have a hard time staying motivated. So it got me thinking: what are the key things that have helped my husband and me raise three kids who are not only bilingual, but really love Spanish? And could I share those strategies and tactics with other parents who are struggling to speak Spanish at home?
The answer was yes, and that’s how BILINGUIFY! was born!